Municipal Services

Local Government Overview

Fairfield has a Mayor/City Council form of local government. The mayor is elected for a two year term. Council members are elected to four-year terms and serve either one of five wards or one of two at-large positions, whichever applies to the individual council member. The Fairfield City Council meets each January-November on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:30 p.m. December meetings are usually held only once during the month, by prior agreement of the council members. All council meetings are carried on FPAC public access channel 9.

The mayor, city council and community members created a comprehensive City Plan in 1995. In 2003 they completed the current Strategic City Plan. There is a city zoning ordinance in effect, however the county has no zoning ordinance in effect. Fairfield City Hall is located at 118 South Main, Fairfield, Iowa. City Hall is home to the Mayor's Office, City Administrator, City Clerk, Finance department, Planning, City Council Chambers, and also the Water Department collection area. The telephone number for the Fairfield City Hall is (641) 472-6193.

Local Government Officials

NameOffice HeldTerm Expires
Melanie Carlson
City Administrator N/A
John Morrissey City Attorney N/A
Joy Messer City Clerk N/A
Ed Malloy Mayor 2011
Jessica Ledger Councilman - At Large 2015
Doug Flourney Councilwoman - At Large 2015
Martha Rasmussen Councilman - First Ward 2015
John Revolinski Councilman - Second Ward 2013
Tony Hammes Councilman - Third Ward 2015
Michael Halley Councilman - Fourth Ward 2013
Daryn Hamilton Councilman - Fifth Ward 2015
Scott Vaughn Fire Chief N/A
David Thomas Police Chief N/A
Derik Wulfekuhle Director Park & Recreation N/A
Carl Chandler General Water Superintendent N/A
Darrel Bisgard Public Works Director N/A
N/A Wastewater Superintendent N/A
Rebecca Huggins Library Director N/A

Local Government Services

Law Enforcement
Fairfield Police Department
1200 West Grimes
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-4146
Fire Protection
Fairfield Fire Department
104 N 2nd St
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-9212
Public Library
Fairfield Public Library
104 West Adams
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-6551
Recreation & Municipal Parks
Fairfield Park & Recreation Department
1000 W Burlington Ave
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-6159
Public Works
Fairfield Public Works Department
112 S. Main
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-4181
Water Department
Fairfield Water Department
118 S. Main
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-5343
Wastewater Department
Fairfield Wastewater Department
2215 Marigold
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 472-5218
Public Access Programming
Fairfield Public Access Channel
607 West Broadway Suite 130
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 — (641) 469-3225
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