Historic Sites
Property Address City Date Listed
Architecture of Henry K. Holsman
Historic Campus District
Bounded by Merrill Street IA 1
and Carter Memorial Dr.
Fairfield 10/31/83
Ball W. C. House R.R. #2 Fairfield 4/4/85
Beck James A. House 401 E. Burlington Ave. Fairfield 3/29/78
Burnett-House 605 N. 3rd Street Fairfield 1/27/83
Clarke James F. House 500 S. Main Street Fairfield 2/8/80
Commercial Block Delisted 106 108 110 N. Main St. Fairfield 2/22/99
Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm
Historic District
2224 IA S Fairfield 6/21/07
Fairfield Public Library Court & Washington Fairfield 5/23/83
Former US Post Office Building 110 S. Court Street Fairfield 1/24/91
Fryer O.F. and Lulu E. House 902 S. Main St. Fairfield 2/5/99
Henn Mansion Maharishi International
University Campus
Fairfield 1/11/83
Iowa Malleable Iron Company 600-608 N. Ninth St. Fairfield 2/22/99
Jefferson County Courthouse Court Street between Briggs &
Hempstead Aves.
Fairfield 7/2/81
Louden Machinery Company 607 W. Broadway Ave. Fairfield 2/22/99
Louden Monorail System
in the Auto Repair Shop
117 E. Broadway Ave. Fairfield 2/22/99
Louden, R. B. and Lizzie L. House 107 W. Washington Ave. Fairfield 2/22/99
Louden, R. Bruce and May W. 501 W. Adams Avenue Fairfield 9/12/03
Louden, R.R. and Antoinette House 905 E. Adams Ave. Fairfield 2/26/99
Louden Whirl-Around 905 E. Harrison Ave. Fairfield 2/22/99
Louden William and Mary Jane House 501 W. Washington Ave. Fairfield 2/18/99
Luedtke August and Vera Barn 1938 185th St. Fairfield
McElhinny House 300 N. Court Street Fairfield 12/19/77
New Sweden Chapel E of Fairfield off U.S. 34 Fairfield
Old Settlers’ Association Park
and Rhodham Bonnifield House
B Street Fairfield 8/14/86
Wells—Stubbs House 508 E. Burlington Ave. Fairfield 10/10/85
Wells George A. House 304 S. Main Street Fairfield 1/27/83
Wilson Building 106–108 S. Court Street Fairfield 1/24/91
Wilson US Senator James F. House 805 S. Main Street Fairfield 1/24/91
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